Why choose an apartment with a swimming pool in Kolobrzeg?

For decades, the Baltic Sea has been the most popular holiday destination for Poles, which is why the accommodation offer on the coast is exceptionally rich and constantly expanding. Tourists can choose from private accommodation, holiday homes, hotels, hostels and ... apartments. They are the hit of the jackpot; comfort, high standard of equipment, and the ability to prepare your own meals are the biggest advantages of staying by the sea in an apartment. And if you decide on one with a pool? In our post we reveal why it is worth!

Advantages of renting an apartment with a swimming pool

Many of us choose a stay by the sea with a view to swimming among the waves and enjoying the benefits of the Baltic Sea. However, on the spot it often turns out to be impossible due to low water temperature or unfavorable weather: strong wind, storm, high waves or rainfall. But there is a remedy; by renting our luxury apartment with a swimming pool you are independent of the weather! Choosing to stay in our Kolobrzeg apartments with access to a swimming pool you will take care of your health and relaxation. With the possibility of using the pool at any time you will improve your condition and soothe your nerves, giving in to the action of massages and water jets. You no longer need to swim in the cold Baltic Sea, overcoming the waves and jeopardizing your health. Use the pool every day, and admire the sea and its impressive, rough snowmen, green-blue color and silvery shades of navy blue safely from the sandy beach.

The swimming pool is not the only attraction of our apartments

By renting our apartment customers not only gain unlimited access to the pool, but additional attractions are waiting for them, in the form of the possibility to use the grill house and a professional Fitness & Spa area. It includes:

  • gym,
  • playroom,
  • jacuzzi,
  • sauna.

For the youngest there is a well-equipped playground. Moreover, our apartments are maintained in a very high standard. Each of them is equipped with TV, radio, electric kettle, fridge, hob and coffee maker Bosch Tassimo for capsules. If you add the close proximity to the beach, the recipe for a successful vacation by the sea is ready!