Vacation by the sea - how to rent a cheap accommodation?

In the vacations we usually go by the sea. However, in winter also worth a visit Kolobrzeg or other coastal town. Contrary to appearances, off-season beaches are full of tourists who come for a weekend or a short vacation to take in the fresh coastal air. It is a perfect relaxation for the whole family. Even in winter we have to reckon with the costs. Accommodation prices e.g. in MS Pro Apartments Kolobrzeg [link: o-nas], are much lower outside off season, but we can take advantage of many other attractions, both in the apartment building and in Kolobrzeg. In DeLux and Superior standard, we get free access to an exclusive Fitness & Spa zone with numerous attractions for children and adults. We can use a comfortable indoor swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and sauna. We have the opportunity to rent bicycles for the whole family and wander Kolobrzeg, prepared beautiful paths, along the sea and Eco Park Landscape. If you are interested in cheap accommodation, just make a reservation on the website of the company and come even for a few days with children to change their mood. We can use the tourist voucher in this way.

Why is it worth coming to Kolobrzeg?

In winter Kolobrzeg is a little quieter, so we can visit the city, which has something to show. There are many monuments, related to the history of Kolobrzeg. You should also see the lighthouse from the eighteenth century, located at the port. Climbing to the observation deck at the very top, we will see a panorama of the city. Near the lighthouse is the famous City of Mice, in which there are several rooms and from behind the glass we will observe the life of rodents. This is not only an attraction for children, but also for adults. Let's also visit the 6D Museum, or Mashoperia, because it's really worth to learn about the life of fishermen, to hear their extremely interesting stories and sea tales. Let's become, at least for a moment, the captain of the ship. You simply have to be here with your whole family. It's worth visiting the Viking Village and see how the legendary Vikings lived. Being in Kolobrzeg, we can move for a moment to the Wild West, in the amusement park. Cowboys, Indians are waiting for tourists. Even eat a meal in a real saloon surrounded by cowboys. An interesting place is also Pomerania Park. This colorful land delights and adds to the experience. In Kolobrzeg it is impossible to get bored, so it is worth coming here, both in winter and summer. During the season the city is vibrant with life. Tourists come from all over Poland and abroad, so accommodation must be booked before the season starts.

Why are vacations by the sea the best?

Vacations by the sea are an excellent choice. If the heat is pouring from the sky, we bathe in the Baltic Sea and seek shade under an umbrella, of course on the beach. Such a leisure time is excellent. We have many beautiful seaside towns, but it is essential to come to Kolobrzeg. Do not be frightened by the price of accommodation, because the company MS Pro has a wide range of apartments, quarters, so we always have the opportunity to choose a cheap accommodation. We must prepare for other expenses, especially when we come with children. In addition to the above mentioned interesting places, there is a rope park. A unique place for children and parents, because everyone goes crazy here on the ropes, designated routes, varied in terms of difficulty levels. Another place that should not be missed is the Oceanarium, with sea animals and vegetation. We will also see swimming sharks. For lovers of the history of the Navy is the Maritime Heritage Park. Kolobrzeg has something to attract tourists and here no one can get bored, because the city is very attractive. For holidaymakers are waiting cafes and restaurants, with delicious dishes and snacks. Excellent ice cream and fresh, tasty food, will appeal even to our little ones. It is even worth deciding on a short-term stay in Kolobrzeg, to come back later for longer.