Short-term apartment rentals and cleaning

Owning an apartment is beneficial not only when we need a place to live. It is also useful when you are looking for a way to invest your capital. Long-term or short-term renting of owned premises is a great opportunity to increase your profits. However, it is known that making your apartment available to other people is connected with certain obligations. It is not a problem that you have to pay for. It is not a problem of the property, but of course, at the moment when you make your property available for a long period of time, the duty of cleaning the place is on the tenants who rent it. The matter looks a little different, however, when it comes to short-term renting. Then the landlords usually do not clean the apartment before they leave it and it falls to the landlord to take care of it.

Cleaning person or company services?

Of course the owner does not have to clean the apartment himself. He can entrust this task to a special person or company. After all, the money earned from renting allows him to hire some outside entity for this purpose. What is the difference between hiring an individual and using a cleaning company? The difference can be seen in whose side it is to provide the cleaning products. If we decide to entrust the apartment to a single person, we should provide him with appropriate detergents. However, if you use the services of a larger company, its employees come to the place with their cleaning products. However it has an impact on the price. Signing a contract with an independent person is usually associated with lower costs. So what should you decide on? It always depends on the individual case. Sometimes hiring an independent cleaner may be better, and sometimes using a cleaning company may be better. Some way is to try both options and determine what works better.