Attractions in Kolobrzeg - what is worth visiting?

Kołobrzeg has for years been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. However, seeing it only through the prism of a holiday resort, is a gross simplification. Kolobrzeg is also a spa town full of sanatoriums, an urban center with a long history and a rich cultural offer.

A seaside resort with all the attractions

What attracts one to Kolobrzeg is above all the sea. Within the city limits there are three summer seaside resorts with wide, sandy beaches. Kolobrzeg is full of parks and greenery - the city is surrounded by almost 150 hectares of woodland. The wildness of the Slowinski Coast can be admired in Ekopark Kolobrzeski, an ecological refuge for flora and fauna. It is an ideal place for those who prefer active recreation.The city has a spa function, famous for its mineral waters and mud. Kolobrzeg has an excellent leisure infrastructure, whose symbol is the Kolobrzeg pier, which is over 200 meters long, making it the longest reinforced concrete pier in Poland. The Lighthouse and the Jan Szymanski Boulevard are summer symbols of the town, always full of strollers and sunbathers. Kolobrzeg has a large hotel and catering base, full of rental stores, souvenir stands, stores and boutiques. What sets it apart from smaller, seasonal, seaside towns is its full range of options and large number of service outlets.

Rich, over a thousand years of history

Kolobrzeg is one of the oldest settlements in Western Pomerania and in Poland as a whole - its origins date back to the 8th century. The city combines the medieval beginnings of the Polish State, the Hanseatic past, the shadow of the Napoleonic Wars and the history of Pomerania as well as the dramatic fate of the 20th century which can be seen above all in the city's architecture. Kolobrzeg was almost 90% destroyed in 1945, but thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants, many monuments have been rebuilt. These include the Old Town area - City Hall and Town Hall Square. Also noteworthy are the bourgeois palaces and townhouses, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the remains of the Kolobrzeg Fortress fortifications. The city is on the list of cities of the European Route of Brick Gothic. Gothic architecture can be admired by visiting St. Mary's Basilica or the Fuse Tower. Neo-Gothic influences can be seen in Kolobrzeg's Post Office and the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the city, crumbs of history are combined with modern, utilitarian architecture concentrating service and tourist outlets, accommodation, also offering attractive apartments and short-term rentals.

Culture, Arts and Entertainment

The peak tourist season in the city falls in July and August. This is when many events take place in Kolobrzeg. These include performances of popular cabaret artists, music concerts, regatta, sports competitions. Famous throughout Poland are events such as the festival of electronic music Sunrise or events referring to the legendary Festival of Soldier Songs and the military past of the city. Those who prefer quieter entertainment will find it without any problem. The city has a cinema, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Museum of Polish Arms, the City Museum and numerous educational facilities. The official slogan of the town is "Atmospheric Kolobrzeg". Undoubtedly, it has a lot of truth in it!