Fitness & Spa zone

Strefa fitnes spaOur comprehensive offer also includes the possibility to spend time in the Fitness & Spa zone, which is dedicated to the guests of DeLux and Superior apartments. We offer luxuriously furnished accommodation with a swimming pool, where you can additionally find a gym, a playroom for children, a swimming pool with a full range of massages and water jets, a jacuzzi and a sauna with free access within the framework of a purchased stay in our premises in Kołobrzeg.

The comfort of a few star hotel


Accommodation facilities with swimming pools are a niche in the case of apartment rentals, which we decided to fill. This kind of entertainment is a great offer because the swimming pool is at your fingertips and you can use it without limit when you feel like it. The offer is especially attractive for families with children - toddlers love visiting pools, as do parents, who do not have to worry about the safety of their children. Caregivers can also count on a moment of relaxation, as they enjoy the jacuzzi and the health benefits of the sauna. The latter is an ideal way to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, and thus regenerate the body before returning to daily duties. For active people, who during vacations by the sea do not want to give up training regime, we offer a well equipped gym with equipment necessary to keep fit. However, our facility is adapted not only for families with children, but also groups who want to have fun. What better opportunity to do so than to rent an accommodation with a swimming pool? As confirmed by our guests, renting an apartment with a swimming pool was an excellent choice, not only because of the location, but also because of the Fitness & Spa area, which is part of our offer.


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